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And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers.  And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. And they straightway left their nets, and followed him.        
                                                                  Matthew 4:18-20

At Sure Foundation Christian Fellowship our philosophy for training up strong Christian men consists of four parts:

-  Regular men’s gatherings to casually explore basic truths about
    how Jesus Christ desires to relate to men in this generation, and
    how He expects them to relate to one another.

-   Building strong Christian relationships through consistent weekly
     worship with other believers who will encourage accountability and
     promote positive behavior.

-   Developing spiritual "Fathers" who take personal responsibility and
Godly authority in the home.

-   Encouraging personal involvement in service projects both in the
     Church and in the 

Our direction and methods for ministering to men are based on a few simple observations:

How Men Relate

It's clear that men and women relate to each other on different levels. Woman are comfortable as they relate to one another talking "face to face". Men relate best "shoulder to shoulder". In other words men relate as they "do". They are most comfortable when there is something between them to buffer them from one another. This means that the traditional methods of interpersonal communication are often ineffective for men. There are four basic mechanisms that men use to relate.

Working Together

Men find out much about each other as they work together. In our modern society more personal bonds are created in the workplace than any other way. As men relate "shoulder to shoulder" they are able to evaluate one anothers work ethic, directly relate to his personal character and take measure of his integrity.


Most men tend to measure their own self worth against other men. It is a natural response to their innermost desire to know how they measure up to the "ideal" man. Competition is a normal way for men to relate to one another. There are three areas in which almost all men compete: jobs, mates and honor. Men often measure themselves against sports figures, movie stars and other successful, influential or powerful people. In extreme cases some men may emulate successful criminals and other notorious figures. In the Kingdom of God, men learn to measure themselves against the ultimate man – Jesus Christ!

Fighting Together

Men who fight and die together form a bond that is stronger than any other human bond. The struggle for life or death brings all men down to the lowest common denominator. Extreme danger, privation, mental and emotional duress strip away false pride and "machismo" laying bare the innermost details of a mans heart including their deepest fears, doubts and regrets.

Story Telling

Men often express who they are by retelling their past triumphs, victories, and failures. Rather than speaking directly about personal issues, men will often confide in one another as they storytell. It is reminiscent of our ancestors who would sit around the camp fire re-telling stories in order to find significance in their daily lives. Notice that they also had a fire between them as they sat "shoulder to shoulder". It is scene replayed in the TV series "Tool-Time." As the star confides in his neighbor over the back yard fence he never really admits it’s he who has the problem. Also notice that he never actually sees the face of the one to whom he confides.

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